Woke Union Bosses are Killing the Labor Movement — On Purpose

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Union membership has been on the decline for decades, while corporations report record profits and wages fail to keep up with inflation. Working conditions remain poor and many Americans still don’t have access to adequate health insurance.

Labor unions are clearly important, so why is membership so low? The left claims it’s exclusively because Capitalists bribe politicians to pass legislation, like the deceptively named “right to work” laws present in a number of states — and this is certainly part of the problem, but it’s a half-truth. The other half is that the labor movement is being killed from within by woke union bosses.

It’s at the point where union leadership has more in common with Bill Gates and Howard Schultz than the workers they claim to be fighting for. If you’re really fighting against Amazon, why are you pushing Jeff Bezos’s woke agenda? The answer is simple: the labor movement has been infiltrated. If the working-class is too busy fighting over furries and abortion, we won’t have the time or energy to fight for our common, economic interests — divide and conquer. Furthermore, union bosses are on the same side as liberal billionaires!

The idea that unions are controlled opposition is not without precedent. They have a long history with the mafia that continues to this day. Corrupt union bosses often take bribes from corporations in exchange for abandoning the interests and trust of their members. Woke union bosses are almost certainly receiving bribes to cause unnecessary division and steer the focus away from workers’ rights. Furthermore, the digital age makes it easy for woke leftists to grift on websites like GoFundMe.

Rational, working-class Americans have realized that woke union bosses are diverting time, effort, and money away from the interests of workers and towards the cultural agenda of liberal elites. So they leave and demand laws to protect their money from being wasted on far-left propaganda. In my opinion, their reaction is misguided, but it’s easy to understand why unions are so unpopular these days.

Working-class Americans don’t want you to hijack union drives to push your sexual fetishes onto people, they want a living wage. Working-class Americans don’t want you spending most of your time on the job pushing abortionism, they want you fighting for health benefits. Working-class Americans don’t want you squandering their dues to amplify Marxist calls to defund the police, they want their money to be used fighting for better working conditions.

The solution is to outlaw unions from doing any kind of political activism that isn’t directly related to workers’ rights, while also creating a universal right to a union. Until then, however, Labor Conservatives should put up fierce resistance. We have to relentlessly criticize wokeness, run for leadership positions, and create our own unions in traditionally conservative fields. The battle must be fought against both the corporate right and the woke left.



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