ORWELLIAN: Wikipedia Says Pro-Abortion Violence Doesn’t Exist

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Wikipedia is used by millions to get quick information about a wide variety of topics, presenting themselves as an unbiased encyclopedia. This is one-hundred percent false; not only are they a notoriously unreliable source, but they’re a far-left propaganda outlet as well.

If you look up anti-abortion violence, Wikipedia has a page for that, listing numerous incidents of violence committed against pro-abortion individuals and organizations in various countries. If you look up pro-abortion violence, however, you won’t find anything — that’s because the page for that was deleted.

The official reason for deleting the page is that Wikipedia believes that pro-abortion violence “is demonstrably not a real phenomenon” and dismiss any sources that prove them wrong for being Christian or having “a clear anti-abortion agenda.” They accuse anyone who disagrees with them of “frat boy misogyny” and having “delusional persecution complexes.” This is literally left-wing abortion activists getting offended by facts (as they so often do) and using ad hominem arguments to defend their lies.

The admin who deleted the article was Sam Walton, who made a post on Twitter in support of drowning out what pro-lifers have to say with loud music. He also provided a photo of a pro-choice protest to Justice Hub; he could’ve been there in a purely journalistic capacity, but I find it quite likely that he was a protester himself.

There’s plenty of evidence (even video evidence) to prove that pro-abortion violence exists. The cold, hard truth is that facts don’t care about your feelings or political agendas.

In 2009, Jim Pouillon was murdered while holding a pro-life sign in front of a Michigan school. According to CNN — a left-wing media outlet, mind you — the shooter was “offended” by the sign. NBC — which is also left-wing — corroborates this claim. Harlan Drake was found guilty of the murder by a jury.

Wikipedia claims this murder wasn’t politically motivated. They did admit he was murdered over his sign, but tried to pretend like it wasn’t because it was a pro-life sign. An abortion activist even posted that “killing right-to-lifers is justifiable homicide, not murder”, which is still on Wikipedia’s website as of the time of writing.

In 2014, an abortion activist was caught on camera screaming in a teenage boy’s face, calling him a “white f — — privileged racist f — — male”, kicking down pro-life signs, and attacking a bystander to prevent him from filming the altercation.

In 2015, a pro-abortion professor, who specialized in pornography (no joke), attacked a 16 year-old girl, stealing her pro-life sign and leaving scratch marks on her arms. She would later plead ‘no contest’ to three charges.

In 2019, an 85 year-old man was attacked for praying outside a Planned Parenthood facility in San Francisco. Video evidence shows an abortion supporter stealing the man’s pro-life banner, throwing him onto the ground, and viciously kicking him over and over.

In 2022, an abortion activist attempted to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Meanwhile, far-left terrorist organization ‘Jane’s Revenge’ committed various acts of vandalism and arson against pro-life groups and pregnancy centers, writing threats like, “if abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either” on walls. You can find plenty of photo evidence of the aftermath of their crimes posted online, including this Twitter thread.

I could go on and on… there’s been many cases of pro-abortion violence against pro-lifers in various forms, ranging from property damage to outright murder. Wikipedia ignores court cases, photographs, and video evidence, utilizing Orwellian censorship and gaslighting tactics to push their radical, abortionist agenda. Activist administrators abuse their power and betray the public’s trust to promote their personal opinions. The truth is that Wikipedia is a far-left propaganda outlet.



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