America Is Both a Republic And a Democracy

If you’ve been on the political side of the Internet long enough: you’ve probably seen people bickering back and forth over whether the United States is a democracy or a republic. Democrats will swear it’s a democracy, and Republicans will swear it’s a republic—you can quit arguing now, because it’s both.

As an Independent, it’s clear to me that this argument is an infantile non-issue between two polarized tribes dead-set on proving they’re more legitimate than the other through any means necessary. If we still had the Democratic-Republican and Federalist parties: they’d be arguing over whether we’re a democratic-republic or a federation.

Republicans love to argue that democracy is a “tyranny of the majority” or only when everyone can vote on each issue directly, but these are factually incorrect. A democracy can have safeguards against the tyranny of the majority while still being a democracy, and not all democracies have to be democracies.

A democracy is simply:

Basically, democracy is a form of government in which ordinary people can vote; the specifics are left up to the particular form of democracy. In the United States: all citizens (except felons) are allowed to vote for representatives, and occasionally legislation, which makes it a semi-representative democracy.

Meanwhile, Democrats argue that America isn’t a republic, which is also factually incorrect. A republic is simply:

Simply put: a republic is anything that isn’t a monarchy. So what’s a monarchy?

We have a single head of state, the President, but they don’t have complete control of the country, merely the executive branch, and even then: there are checks and balances. So no, America is not a monarchy, and is thus a republic.

It’s pretty cut and dry that America is both a republic and a democracy; citizens can vote for representatives and there is no one person who holds dictatorial control over the country.


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I’m an Arkansan, transwoman, and Progressive-Conservative Independent. You can find me at or on SaidIt and Gab @TheAmeliaMay.

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