Democrats and Republicans hate each-other, but why?

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Everyone knows the United States has a two-party system, where only the Democrats and Republicans have the capacity to win elections. Everyone also knows Democrats and Republicans hate each-other — like, really hate each-other.

Go onto just about any social media website and you’ll see name-calling, false accusations, and endless…

Arkansas’ shift from deep blue to deep red happened quicker — and more recently — than you thought.

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When most young people think about the party flip, they think about the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a partisan bill only supported by Democrats that finally ended segregation in the South, causing angry, white, neo-Confederates to all start voting Republican — but this picture is wrong, very wrong.


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According to official voter registration data, in June of 2021: there were 1,774,596 registered voters in the State of Arkansas, with 90,420 being Democrats, 117,277 being Republicans, 687 being Libertarians, 13 being Nonpartisan, 1,566,104 being Optional, 94 being Green, and 1 being Other.

By my calculations:
5.1% of registered voters are…

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We can all agree that the Democratic Party is left-wing, and the Republican Party is right-wing, but what about third parties? …

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With anti-LGBT hate crimes on the rise, our right to keep and bear arms becomes more and more important by the day — but that right is increasingly put in jeopardy by the Democratic Party’s radical gun control agenda.

They might not want to ban all guns, but they want…

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The progressive activist group ‘March for Medicare for All’ is organizing protests across the Nation in support of Medicare for All — the left-wing plan to give every American free, government-sponsored healthcare.

#M4M4ALL claims to be a non-partisan organization, and is supported by the Illinois Green Party, People’s Party, Revolutionary Action Party, Progressive Democrats of America, as well as Our Revolution chapters in North Texas and Washington.

According to their official website: marches will take place on July 24th in forty-six cities, including Little Rock, Arkansas, where a protest will take place on the steps of the state capitol from 9am to noon.

The march was later changed to a stationary protest due to “logistical complications.” There are currently no speakers planned for the event.

For more information: visit the official Mobilize page for the Little Rock event.

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American politics is dominated by the Democratic and Republican parties. They’re the only parties represented in the federal government and control every state government.

This is not a coincidence; the way America’s electoral system is designed has unintentionally resulted in a two-party duopoly.

First-past-the-post (FPTP) means voters have to coalesce…

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Kuit using the letter Q; it’s a useless letter that can easily be replaced by C or K in every case — and to prove it: I won’t use it in this article, except when I refer to it by name or use IPA.

C more closely resembles Q than…

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I may be transgender, but I don’t feel like I’m part of the LGBT Community. What kind of community ridicules you for your opinions and ostracizes you for your beliefs? I may be LGBT, but I’m not part of your Community.

I’m conservative on issues like abortion, guns, and the…

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If you’ve been on the political side of the Internet long enough: you’ve probably seen people bickering back and forth over whether the United States is a democracy or a republic. …

Amelia May Johnson

Native Arkansan and President of the Conservative Worker’s Party. You can find me at

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